Howdy, I'm Aaron

I'm a lover and doer of all things design, from web and UX/UI to branding and print. I truly love creating something different and unique that will push boundaries. I focus on conceptual work for my clients by doing extensive research in the product, the target audience, and the end-goal. My desire is to work with any organization and be able to make an impact, whether that is with a simple logo, or a complex website. The goal for me is to find the right solution to someone's challenge, and be able to execute it with excellence.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design in May of 2022, from Kennesaw State University. I am currently a full-time interactive designer at Nebo Agency in Atlanta, GA. I also spend my time outside of Nebo doing freelance work for local establishments.

Some brands I've worked with: FLOR, Interface, Brooksdale Senior Living, Centennial Yards, Marietta Roofing Company, Honest Fox Media, Starlight, and UKG

Besides designing, I love old-fashioneds by the campfire, scenic hikes, long reads, and coffee shops with couches.


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